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A Word About Coaching

Meredith's heart is for pointing women to Jesus through her coaching. She enjoy finding biblical answers to worldly issues and coaches on a variety of topics:



-Family & Relationships

-Healthy Habits



-Business Leadership


Call or email to ask about individual and group coaching availability!

Meredith has been speaking and preaching to groups of all ages and sizes for over 20 years. She especially loves bringing a word of encouragement to women. She has spoken on many topics:





Thriving after Divorce


Military Family Life

Blended Families.

What people are saying...


I had a particularly difficult day emotionally and thought I'd read a bit [of Meredith's book]. Well, there was no putting it down. I saw so many of the things Jesus has been dealing with me in the pages I read. I encourage all caregivers, wives, moms, and dads to take time to renew yourself and to cry and laugh and cheer as Meredith takes you into her "traveling circus". Well done, Mrs. Shafer, well done!

-Pam O.

Meredith's Classes:

Meredith's class helped me more than I imagined! I got out of my comfort zone, set intentions and created habits that will lead me closer to where I want to go on a daily basis.

-Stacey T.

Meredith has a way of reaching into where you are and give you the tools to help you be where you want to be.  [She] gave me the opportunity to make practical changes (with accountability) in areas I was having gr​eat struggle with! 

-Linda P.


Using the tools Meredith showed me helped me to get out of the old mindsets and damaging behaviors...and integrate into freedom and fellowship with the Father as He created us to be!


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